b'Strap Hinges - Okie Style10. 10. Okie Style Penny(a x b)HWIR45730 x 1-1/2HWIR459 .19 x 1-1/4HWIR458.26 x 1-1/211. 11. Okie Style Spade(a x b)HWIR454.30 x 1-1/4HWIR456 .19 x 1HWIR45526 x 1-1/412. 12. Okie Style Bean(a x b)HWIR466.30 x 1-5/8HWIR468 .19 x 1-1/4HWIR46726 x 1-1/2DOOR HARDWARE13. Okie Style Tulip(a x b)13. HWIR469.30 x 1-1/2HWIR471 19 x 1HWIR470.26 x 1-1/214. Okie Style Jester Spade(a x b)14. HWIR478.30 x 1-1/2HWIR480 19 x 3/4HWIR47926 x 1-1/415. 15. Okie Style Fleur-De-Lis(a x b)HWIR472.30 x 2HWIR474 19 x 1-1/4HWIR47326 x 1-7/8 16. Okie Style Spear(a x b)16. HWIR47530 x 1-7/8 HWIR477.19 x 1-1/2HWIR47626 x 1-7/8See page 16 for Pintle options. Available Iron FinishesCustom options available upon request. BLIRDWIRNAIRRUIRBLAQContour of Traditional HingeContour of Okie Style HingeOkie Style Hinges Hinges include 3/16 metal. 19 & 26 Hinges include a 7/16 pin. 30 Hinges include a 1/2 pin.hmwpa.com 15'