b'H, HL & Butt Hinges7. 8. 7. Brass Butt Hinge(a x b)VEHW4004 x 4VEHW4024-1/2 x 4VEHW4014-1/2 x 4-1/28. Brass Butt Hinge, Double BB(a x b)VEHW411.4-1/2 x 4-1/2VEHW4124-1/2 x 5VEHW413.5 x 5MERIT solid brass extruded hinges are available in 150 different sizes, types and configurations and are suppliedDOOR HARDWAREwith button tips. Optional decorative brass finials available for an additional charge. See options below.Available Brass Finishes DABSLABSPUBSPLBS BRBSPONIBRNIAQNI Ball Acorn Globe Cathedral Cone Steeple Lantern Urn9. Iron Butt Hinge, Plain Bearing(a x b)9. 10. HWIR5044 x 410. Iron Butt Hinge, Bronze Bearing(a x b)HWIR5054 x 4 11. Iron Butt Hinge, Plain Bearing(a x b)VEHW4092 x 3 12. Iron Butt Hinge, Plain Bearing(a x b)VEHW410.2-1/2 x 4 Typical Measurements(a x b)11. 12.Available Iron FinishesBLIRDWIRNAIRRUIRBLAQActual piece may vary slightly from drawing.hmwpa.com 13'